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How do I know if a source is credible?

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If your source is a website, we recommend that you keep the following in mind when evaluating web sites for use as sources for college assignments:






Who is responsible for this site?

Why is this information here? Is it biased?

Is the information time-sensitive?

Can the information be verified?

Is the coverage sufficient for academic research?

Check the URL for domain name:

.edu      educational (college or university)

.gov     government

.com     commercial/business

.net      network of computers (company or individual)

.us       2-letter code for a country

.org      often a non-profit organization but can be owned by anyone – be careful when using .org sites related to controversial topics

Check the top and bottom of the page for the "author's credentials," "about us," or "contact us."

·Is the information objective (fact-based) or subjective (opinion-based)?

·Are both sides of an issue presented in a fair, objective manner?

·Does the web site endorse products of the advertisers or its web site? A commercial site may not examine the products of the advertisers critically.

·Is the information intended for professionals or the lay person?

·Look for page creation or revision dates. 

·Is there a "What's New" page?

·Can the information be verified in books, journals, reports, or other authoritative sources?

·Check for a list of references or links to original sources.


·Is the content a brief overview posted at an individual's homepage?

·Is the content an in-depth analysis in the form of a research report or comprehensive study?

·Does the site reference or link to other in-depth resources?


If you want to make sure that you are using credible sources for your assignments, go to the library homepage to search for magazine, journal and newspaper articles, and books from the library's collection.

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